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Partie : "1789-1797", Nombre de contextes : 5
Although I have not thought of myself at liberty to forbid the sale of the prizes permitted nd the true principles of government and liberty ; that they feel their inseparable union ed on the genuine principles of rational liberty , and with mild and wholesome laws , is society ; to discriminate the spirit of liberty from that of licentiousness - cherishing e the preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model
Partie : "1797-1801", Nombre de contextes : 5
a rational spirit of civil and religious liberty and a calm but steady determination to support tion which appear expedient , I take the liberty to recall your attention to the naval establishment al welfare , and secure the blessings of liberty . The public disquisitions , discussions h the same ardent patriotism and love of liberty to independence and peace , to increasing tor in all ages of the world of virtuous liberty , continue His blessing upon this nation
Partie : "1801-1809", Nombre de contextes : 10
bottomed on the will of all the life and liberty of every individual citizen become interesting ery measure which may tend to secure the liberty , property , and personal safety of our haken by difficulties , in their love of liberty , obedience to law , and support of the inistration favorable to the security of liberty and property , and to reduce expenses to that harmony and affection without which liberty and even life itself are but dreary things ough blood and slaughter his long - lost liberty , it was not wonderful that the agitation in the road which alone leads to peace , liberty , and safety . § I repair , then , fellow hts of men , breathing an ardent love of liberty and independence , and occupying a country ine can be drawn between the inestimable liberty of the press and its demoralizing licentiousness eace be cultivated , civil and religious liberty unassailed , law and order preserved , equality
Partie : "1809-1817", Nombre de contextes : 8
the greatest of evils by the friends of liberty and of the rights of nations . Our country owledge , without which the blessings of liberty can not be fully enjoyed or long preserved ement of public strength with individual liberty , of national power for the defense of national rican people , in their devotion to true liberty and to the Constitution which is its palladium of knowledge which guarantees to public liberty its permanency and to those who possess nse or more consistently with the public liberty . § The receipts into the Treasury during s - - that without standing armies their liberty can never be in danger , nor with large information as the best aliment to true liberty ; to carry on the benevolent plans which
Partie : "1817-1825", Nombre de contextes : 8
ed there , and the United States more at liberty to exercise authority to prevent so great devotion in favor of public and personal liberty are associated with our recollections of and , by means thereof , to the cause of liberty and humanity a generous support . They have iments the most friendly in favor of the liberty and happiness of their fellow men on that 10 years , and the Government be left at liberty thereafter to apply such portion of the § The struggle was for independence and liberty , public and personal , and in this we succeeded hese wars the cause of independence , of liberty and humanity , continues to prevail . § stions touching , however remotely , the liberty , prosperity , and happiness of our country
Partie : "1825-1829", Nombre de contextes : 2
al welfare , and secure the blessings of liberty to the people of this Union in their successive e general welfare , and the blessings of liberty - - all have been promoted by the Government
Partie : "1829-1837", Nombre de contextes : 5
s the rights of person and of property , liberty of conscience and of the press , it will ster the Government as to preserve their liberty and promote their happiness . § So many s . " Without union our independence and liberty would never have been achieved ; without g our lawgivers and judges . The loss of liberty , of all good govesnment , of peace , plenty ty " individuals must give up a share of liberty to preserve the rest , " it will be my desire
Partie : "1841-1841", Nombre de contextes : 17
ic tranquillity preserved , and personal liberty secured to the citizen . As was to be expected erm . § But if there is danger to public liberty from the acknowledged defects of the Constitution of which they relied as the last hope of liberty . Without denying that the result to which the great bulwark of civil and religious liberty " is one of the most precious legacies which patriotism , that devoted attachment to liberty , that spirit of moderation and forbearance agogue rendered harmless . The spirit of liberty is the sovereign balm for every injury which narchy , and the antagonist principle to liberty there is the spirit of faction - - a spirit the true and most faithful disciples of liberty . It is in periods like this that it behooves s that are produced . The true spirit of liberty , although devoted , persevering , bold spirit of party , assuming to be that of liberty , is harsh , vindictive , and intolerant f its cause . When the genuine spirit of liberty animates the body of a people to a thorough parent of a spirit antagonist to that of liberty , and eventually its inevitable conqueror publics where the love of country and of liberty at one time were the dominant passions of enate continued to meet in the temple of liberty to talk of the sacredness and beauty of nish the larger dividend . The spirit of liberty had fled , and , avoiding the abodes of e to their best interests - - hostile to liberty itself . It is a spirit contracted in its conviction that sound morals , religious liberty , and a just sense of religious responsibility
Partie : "1845-1849", Nombre de contextes : 11
States and for the doctrines of popular liberty which lie at the foundation of our Government on the people and be dangerous to public liberty . Our reliance for protection and defense property and deprived of their personal liberty if they dared insist on their rights . Had operty and the violation of the personal liberty of our citizens , to say nothing of the proclaimed the great principle of human liberty that " the sovereignty of the state resides d by themselves , and that their lives , liberty , and property would be protected by constitutional had during his short rule destroyed the liberty of the press , tolerating that portion of nse the blessings of civil and religious liberty to distant generations . To effect objects uch oppression . § That the blessings of liberty which our Constitution secures may be enjoyed potism . He would extinguish the fire of liberty , which warms and animates the hearts of eracy and enjoy with us the blessings of liberty secured and guaranteed by our Constitution
Partie : "1849-1850", Nombre de contextes : 1
end the blessings of civil and political liberty , but at the same time we are warned by
Partie : "1850-1853", Nombre de contextes : 7
thout law there can be no real practical liberty ; that when law is trampled under foot tyranny and an ill - directed love of political liberty . The correspondence between this Government ons and given renewed assurance that our liberty and our Union may subsist together for the sts and aid those who are struggling for liberty . § This is a most seductive but dangerous likely to be the overthrow of republican liberty here than its establishment there . History all nations who wished to recover their liberty , and she gave it in charge to the executive n or should be oppressed in the cause of liberty . " Here was the false step which led to
Partie : "1853-1857", Nombre de contextes : 14
nsable for the great experiment of civil liberty , which , environed by inherent difficulties - government ; to reconcile the largest liberty of the individual citizen with complete e foundation on which the hopes of civil liberty rest ; to administer government with vigilant l , as the spirit and the essence of the liberty , peace , and greatness of the Republic transient in their influence . § Perfect liberty of association for political objects and Union . Under the shelter of this great liberty , and protected by the laws and usages of embracing in its broad bosom a degree of liberty and an amount of individual and public prosperity the Constitution . Ardently attached to liberty in the abstract , they do not stop to consider protected in the free enjoyment of their liberty , property , and the religion which they protected in the free enjoyment of their liberty and property , with a right then to pass roceed thus to act in the very spirit of liberty , it is at once charged with aiming to extend mental doctrines and principles of civil liberty and self - government . § While , therefore which pronounce for the largest rational liberty . But after all , the most animating encouragement . The great scheme of our constitutional liberty rests upon a proper distribution of power
Partie : "1857-1861", Nombre de contextes : 4
n when released have only obtained their liberty after much suffering and injury , and without in the extension of civil and religious liberty throughout the world . § Next in importance joy the blessings of civil and religious liberty . Such emigrants have done much to promote flag , have enjoyed civil and religious liberty , as well as equal and just laws , and have
Partie : "1861-1865", Nombre de contextes : 1
subject ought not all the safeguards of liberty known in civilized and humane jurisprudence
Partie : "1865-1869", Nombre de contextes : 5
lify the laws of the Union . The largest liberty is to be maintained in the discussion of f the equal right of every man to life , liberty , and the pursuit of happiness , to freedom es the security of the freedmen in their liberty and their property , their right to labor - The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model onsibility for the destiny of republican liberty . More than seventy - six years have glided
Partie : "1869-1877", Nombre de contextes : 3
the treaty of 1830 , I have not felt at liberty formally to accept the proposed change without ate in Spain the principles of universal liberty in a republican form of government . § The desirous of enjoying civil and religious liberty ; and the acquisition of so large an immigration
Partie : "1881-1881", Nombre de contextes : 5
erils , but crowned with the triumphs of liberty and law . Before continuing the onward march can not overestimate the fervent love of liberty , the intelligent courage , and the sum y preserving whatever has been gained to liberty and good government during the century , e great promise of 1776 by proclaiming " liberty throughout the land to all the inhabitants , move forward and in their strength of liberty and the restored Union win the grander victories
Partie : "1881-1885", Nombre de contextes : 1
overnment should regard themselves as at liberty to exercise their pleasure in making or
Partie : "1885-1889", Nombre de contextes : 6
ot , however , regard its reservation of liberty of action in the premises as at all impaired inated the controversy by setting him at liberty without explanation . § An international inty in the law which is an essential of liberty . § When citizens of the United States voluntarily ent will not be content when the life or liberty of its citizens is at stake . § Whatever y person within its care in the greatest liberty consistent with the good order of society d Federal ; and this is the price of our liberty and the inspiration of our faith in the
Partie : "1889-1893", Nombre de contextes : 4
tion , containing valuable guaranties of liberty and providing for a responsible ministry be limited . It would seem that personal liberty would have a safe guaranty if the right aceful partisan jugglery to which such a liberty of choice , if it exists , offers a temptation verything except courage and the love of liberty , that then fringed our Atlantic seaboard
Partie : "1893-1897", Nombre de contextes : 2
ly supplemented by the greatest possible liberty to our citizens in the ownership and navigation tirely convinced that we desire only the liberty and protection of our own citizens and redress
Partie : "1897-1901", Nombre de contextes : 17
, an effort toward a larger enjoyment of liberty and self - control , of organized resistance n our jurisdiction feel that it is their liberty and not our power , their welfare and not condemnation . The guaranties of life , liberty , and of civil rights should be faithfully n with you in felicitation that American liberty is more firmly established than ever before he securement of adequate guarantees for liberty of faith , since insecurity of those natives reservation of these great principles of liberty and law , and that these principles and d in their islands for the sake of their liberty and happiness , however much they may conflict at no person shall be deprived of life , liberty , or property without due process of law advance toward insuring the benefits of liberty and good government to the Filipinos , in s here it shall be the revered symbol of liberty , enlightenment , and progress in every that the foundation of our Government is liberty ; its superstructure peace . ( DOCTITLE e free and unmolested right of religious liberty and worship , and free and fair elections by securing the enduring foundations of liberty to others . Our institutions will not deteriorate property , insuring order , safety , and liberty , and conforming to the established and abiding foundations of right , justice , liberty , and assured order . Our enfranchisement er and of security for life , property , liberty , freedom of conscience , and the pursuit to be made permanent by a government of liberty under law ! ( DOCTITLE : 5th Annual Message
Partie : "1901-1909", Nombre de contextes : 37
by Burke : " Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition rker , who said : " Let all people be at liberty to know what I found my judgment upon ; given it in any cause , others may be at liberty to judge of me . " The proprieties of the the good man the right to his life , his liberty , and the pursuit of his happiness as his islands we are steadily introducing both liberty and order , to a greater degree than their are constantly increasing the measure of liberty accorded the islanders , and next spring o show that for all the races of men the liberty for which we have fought and labored is ever nearer to the perfection of ordered liberty . So shall come security and prosperity y as the anarchist is the worst enemy of liberty and the reactionary the worst enemy of order reedom of contract " or " constitutional liberty to contract " should be permitted to interfere hat would have been an infringement upon liberty half a century ago may be the necessary ry ago may be the necessary safeguard of liberty to - day . What would have been an injury as the safeguard of those principles of liberty and justice which stand at the foundation ions ; for , as Burke finely said , when liberty and justice are separated , neither is safe the ground that it desires to preserve " liberty " in a purely technical form , by withholding a purely technical form , by withholding liberty in any real and constructive sense . It there must be no " interference with the liberty to contract " - - often a merely academic contract " - - often a merely academic " liberty , " the exercise of which is the negation xercise of which is the negation of real liberty . § There are certain decisions by various by the Constitution , " guaranteed their liberty " to contract to enter a dangerous occupation make contracts for such service their " liberty " to make them , is either to speak in a y , vested rights , due process of law , liberty , they necessarily enact into law parts d by the State , by the Nation ; and the liberty of action of individuals must be conditioned ke , who are against any form of popular liberty if it is guaranteed by even the most just and of progress , but the deadly foe of liberty . If ever anarchy is triumphant , its triumph ravesty upon the great and holy names of liberty and freedom to permit them to be invoked ational Banking Law furnishes sufficient liberty for the proper exercise of the banking function d honestly . Its people are now enjoying liberty and order under the protection of the United our not continuing to give them all the liberty for which they are fit . § The only fear y wage - worker , must be guaranteed his liberty and his right to do as he likes with his ach Filipino enjoy such rights to life , liberty , and the pursuit of happiness as he has gone too far in granting these rights of liberty and self - government ; but we have certainly igned to restrict or control the fullest liberty of legitimate business action , but to secure land . Every man must be guaranteed his liberty and his right to do as he likes with his of our entire monetary system . The same liberty should be granted the Secretary of the Treasury eternal vigilance which is the price of liberty must be exercised , sometimes to guard against in the principles of civil and religious liberty and of orderly freedom , a people among
Partie : "1909-1913", Nombre de contextes : 4
orce their process and to protect life , liberty , and property shall be preserved inviolate rocess of law in respect to their life , liberty and property . § MERIT SYSTEM FOR DIPLOMATIC can be made for the guaranties of life , liberty , and property , but beyond those , the ncy is upholding the traditions of civil liberty and increasing popular control which might
Partie : "1913-1921", Nombre de contextes : 26
cific interpretations to what I took the liberty of saying to the Senate in January . Our dertakings develop , but I will take the liberty of proposing to you certain other acts of g at the very existence of democracy and liberty . § It is because it is for us a war of ut of Federal control , I shall take the liberty at a later date of addressing you . § I older states ; and I once more take the liberty of recommending very urgently that his plans he minimum of restrictions upon personal liberty that is consistent with our reconstruction foreign battlefields her conceptions of liberty and justice . Let not her influence as a nt having been fulfilled , it is now our liberty and our duty to keep our promise to the of the state of the Union , " I take the liberty of addressing you on several matters which k out their own development in peace and liberty . Mexico has no Government . The attempt rgy of such of her leaders as prefer the liberty of their people to their own ambitions . inating discussion that 1 shall take the liberty of addressing you upon it in a special message other matter , to which I shall take the liberty of from time to time calling your attention show our confidence in the principles of liberty , as the source as well as the expression his people a voice of peace and hope and liberty among the peoples of the world , and that ive to show in our life as a nation what liberty and the inspirations of an emancipated spirit f national independence and of political liberty in America . But that purpose is now better f the spirit of law and independence and liberty and mutual service . § A very notable body ire war . Their thought is of individual liberty and of the free labor that supports life ves upon our own principles of right and liberty , we resent , from whatever quarter it may ot confine our enthusiasm for individual liberty and free national development to the incidents made common cause with all partisans of liberty on this side the sea , and have deemed it self - government , industry , justice , liberty and peace . We should see to it that it ge to labor in such company . I take the liberty of congratulating you upon the completion spects a model for those who seek to set liberty upon foundations that will endure against and in the thought of all those who love liberty and justice and the right exalted . ( DOCTITLE
Partie : "1921-1923", Nombre de contextes : 4
e they think it restricts their personal liberty , remember that they set the example and ld our civilization secure . Liberty - - liberty within the law - - and civilization are have seen civil , human , and religious liberty verified and glorified . In the beginning tandards , reared through constitutional liberty and maintained opportunity , we invite the
Partie : "1923-1929", Nombre de contextes : 11
ibuting factor to the stability strength liberty , and progress of the Nation . It ought e power over the purse is the power over liberty . § That is the legal limitation within y . § But it does mean the full right to liberty and equality before the law without distinction eory of our institutions is based on the liberty and independence of the individual . He d destroy the American system of ordered liberty . § FOREIGN RELATIONS § The foreign policy e . Every principle of order and law and liberty is opposed to this crime . The Congress at home and abroad , to preserve order , liberty , and peace by making the law supreme , , as I have said , we must safeguard our liberty to deal according to our own judgment with sequent obligation to bestow justice and liberty upon less favored peoples . In the defense r own ideals and in the general cause of liberty we entered the Great War . When victory citizenship . The fundamental precept of liberty is toleration . We can not permit any inquisition
Partie : "1929-1933", Nombre de contextes : 6
the individual or to the group ; ordered liberty ; freedom from domination ; open opportunity surrendering his own freedom and his own liberty . It is the duty of the National Government sciously dedicated to specific ideals of liberty and to a faith in the inviolable sanctity ur government in preservation of ordered liberty and stimulation of progress depends upon rd of freedom , the basis of all ordered liberty , the vital force of progress . It must cial fields ; the maintenance of ordered liberty ; the denial of domination by any group
Partie : "1933-1945", Nombre de contextes : 9
. " Those , who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety , ittle temporary safety , deserve neither liberty nor safety . " § As a nation , we may take zures . They were our rights to life and liberty . § As our Nation has grown in size and ditions of life , to retain all personal liberty which does not adversely affect their neighbors responsibility in the name of individual liberty is either fooling himself or trying to cheat e capital is the price of preserving our liberty , no formless selfish fears can stand in ze on this continent the flames of human liberty , of reason , of democracy and of fair play eral welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to the American people . § Today we invoke " The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model
Partie : "1945-1953", Nombre de contextes : 12
that they are equally entitled to life , liberty , and the pursuit of happiness , and that . Over the last 50 years , the ideals of liberty and equal opportunity to which this Nation ent of the arts . We enjoy more personal liberty in the United States today than ever before conquest by Soviet Russia endangers our liberty and endangers the kind of world in which w materials . And above all , we cherish liberty . Our common ideals are a great part of all men everywhere who believe in human liberty . § Peace is precious to us . It is the ogy against the best they can do - - our liberty against their slavery - - our voluntary ree elections , guarantees of individual liberty , freedom of speech and religion , and freedom a number of countries from losing their liberty . Hundreds of millions of people all over ur devotion to duty , and our concept of liberty . § But I say to all men , what we have ay to all men , what we have achieved in liberty , we will surpass in greater liberty . § in liberty , we will surpass in greater liberty . § Steadfast in our faith in the Almighty
Partie : "1953-1961", Nombre de contextes : 10
nunciate : § A vigilant regard for human liberty . § A wise concern for human welfare . § d intensity of the patriotic longing for liberty that still burns within these countries trength and security , side by side with liberty and opportunity . § As we meet today , in tory . It is : Can Government based upon liberty and the God - given rights of man , permanently ion , their better assurance of life and liberty and their greater opportunities . It would spread of an ideology that would destroy liberty . § I cannot express to you the depth of policy . The continuing goal is peace , liberty , and well - being - - for others as well ywhere unite in their determination that liberty and well - being come to all mankind . § powerful as ours , can alone defend the liberty of all nations threatened by Communist aggression on the farm and in the factory . Love of liberty means the guarding of every resource that
Partie : "1961-1963", Nombre de contextes : 5
contributions of culture , intellect and liberty . To start this nation ' s role at this ts servants - - . while the blessings of liberty have too often stood for privilege , materialism case . § But I have a different view of liberty . § Life in 1961 will not be easy . Wishing y exposed and isolated in the Americas , liberty has scored a gain . The people of the Dominican o assure the survival and the success of liberty . § This much we pledge - - and more . §
Partie : "1963-1969", Nombre de contextes : 11
§ We were never meant to be an oasis of liberty and abundance in a worldwide desert of disappointed nd in man ' s irrepressible ambition for liberty and a better life . § With the free Republics to insure and guarantee the blessings of liberty for all of our posterity . § That is what of this hemisphere who really believe in liberty and justice for all . § Eighth , we must consent of the governed " - - " give me liberty or give me death . " Well , those are not rld they stand there as guardians of our liberty , risking their lives . § Those words are peace cannot be purchased at the cost of liberty . § In Selma tonight , as in every - - and land . Conceived in justice , written in liberty , bound in union , it was meant one day against the wilderness , the success of liberty demanded the strength of union . Two centuries BELIEF Under this covenant of justice , liberty , and union we have become a nation - - rsuits , we are believers in justice and liberty and in our own union . We believe that every
Partie : "1969-1974", Nombre de contextes : 6
vacy as a cardinal principle of American liberty . § Many of those in this Chamber tonight efferson once observed that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance . By the same token iny of being the world ' s best hope for liberty , for opportunity , for progress and peace they opened the door to a new vision of liberty and of human fulfillment - - not just for o assure the survival and the success of liberty . " § Our policy has been carefully and it and purpose - - a land that enshrines liberty and opportunity , and that has held out
Partie : "1974-1977", Nombre de contextes : 4
- - a stronghold and a beacon - light of liberty for the whole world . Thank you . § NOTE ain the symbol of man ' s aspiration for liberty and well - being . We are the embodiment essings , and a higher quality of life , liberty , and the pursuit of happiness . § The state May our third century be illuminated by liberty and blessed with brotherhood , so that we
Partie : "1977-1981", Nombre de contextes : 7
reat democracy our constant faith in the liberty and dignity of human beings everywhere . Rebuilding the old dreams of justice and liberty , and country and community . § Rebirth n which our Nation was foundedindividual liberty , self - determination , the potential for unity , " " truth , " " sacrifice , " " liberty , " " faith , " and " love . " § These words emocracy , the human voice of individual liberty , the human hand of economic development in terms of both spirituality and human liberty . It is that unique self - definition which already found a high degree of personal liberty , and we are now struggling to enhance equality
Partie : "1981-1989", Nombre de contextes : 12
Something in ( the ) Declaration giving liberty , not alone to the people of this country g weapons but by bolstering prosperity , liberty , and democracy however and wherever we it is the best way of ensuring personal liberty and empowering the individual so that every a living human being entitled to life , liberty , and the pursuit of happiness ? Let us the " preservation of the sacred fire of liberty " is " finally staked on the experiment world , and the blessings of individual liberty for our children and , someday , for all f our great civilized ideas : individual liberty , representative government , the rule of is nation champions peace that enshrines liberty , democratic rights , and dignity for every tical system which guarantees individual liberty to a greater degree than any other , and s upon which rests the happiness and the liberty of millions yet unborn . Act worthy of yourselves hat must be done to ensure happiness and liberty for ourselves , our children , and our children ly supported the struggle for individual liberty , self - government , and free enterprise
Partie : "1989-1993", Nombre de contextes : 4
fenders of freedom and the guarantors of liberty . And I want you to know that this nation t of all the many gifts they can receive liberty is their most precious legacy , and of all to preserve and extend the blessings of liberty . And today , in a rapidly changing world and intellectual satisfactions that only liberty allows . § We know what works : Freedom
Partie : "1993-2001", Nombre de contextes : 10
main in the world ' s beacon not only of liberty but of creativity , long after the fireworks an no longer be bought at the expense of liberty . But I ' d also like to say again to the Cuba , too , will know the blessings of liberty . § The American people have opened their e Washington called " the sacred fire of liberty . " § Six years ago , I came to office in Nation , under God , indivisible , with liberty and justice for all . § These are great given by our Creator the right to life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness . This is a by our belief in progress , our love of liberty , and our relentless search for common ground to preserve America ' s ideals : life , liberty , the pursuit of happiness . Though we marched , like us , longed for the blessings of liberty . § Along the way , Americans produced a s taught us that the preservation of our liberty and our Union depends upon responsible citizenship
Partie : "2001-present", Nombre de contextes : 25
nt of our Nation to the guiding ideal of liberty for all . This evening I will set forth essing landmark events in the history of liberty . And in the coming years , we will add say tonight : As you stand for your own liberty , America stands with you . § Our generational because the Iraqi people value their own liberty - as they showed the world last Sunday . r . " Americans recognize that spirit of liberty , because we share it . In any nation , help that proud , new nation secure its liberty . § Recently an Iraqi interpreter said to y , to renew the values that sustain our liberty , and to spread the peace that freedom brings rogress . America will lead by defending liberty and justice because they are right and true l be a decisive decade in the history of liberty , that we ' ve been called to a unique role midation and death as they speak out for liberty and human rights and democracy . Iranians hout conquest , and we sacrifice for the liberty of strangers . § Americans are a free people son and the future of every nation . The liberty we prize is not America ' s gift to the nd great religions are incompatible with liberty and self - government . I believe that God se , to one conclusion : The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the d increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands . The best hope for peace ere can be no human rights without human liberty . Some , I know , have questioned the global w , have questioned the global appeal of liberty - though this time in history , four decades our oppressors . When you stand for your liberty , we will stand with you . Democratic reformers rican freedom . In a world moving toward liberty , we are determined to show the meaning mined to show the meaning and promise of liberty . In America ' s ideal of freedom , citizens ence . This is the broader definition of liberty that motivated the Homestead Act , the Social d in wave upon wave for a union based on liberty ; when citizens marched in peaceful outrage ry also has a visible direction , set by liberty and the Author of Liberty . When the Declaration rica , in this young century , proclaims liberty throughout all the world , and to all the is spared new horrors . § The enemies of liberty and our country should make no mistake :