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Partie : "1789-1797", Nombre de contextes : 1
without harmony as far as consists with freedom of sentiment its dignity may be lost . But
Partie : "1801-1809", Nombre de contextes : 10
erce of the United States its legitimate freedom . The instructions to our ministers with cheaper materials and subsistence , the freedom of labor from taxation with us , and of payment of the public debt whenever the freedom and safety of our commerce shall be restored , and a wide spread for the blessings of freedom and equal laws . § With the wisdom of Congress abuses at the bar of the public reason ; freedom of religion ; freedom of the press , and he public reason ; freedom of religion ; freedom of the press , and freedom of person under of religion ; freedom of the press , and freedom of person under the protection of the habeas to be instrumental to the happiness and freedom of all . § Relying , then , on the patronage abuses of an institution so important to freedom and science are deeply to be regretted , hould be fairly and fully made , whether freedom of discussion , unaided by power , is not
Partie : "1809-1817", Nombre de contextes : 4
its progress a force proportioned to its freedom , and that the union of these States , the on of these States , the guardian of the freedom and safety of all and of each , is strengthened tches over the purity of elections , the freedom of speech and of the press , the trial by private and personal rights , and of the freedom of the press ; to observe economy in public
Partie : "1817-1825", Nombre de contextes : 4
sentiments which I have formed with that freedom which a sense of duty dictates . It is proper in consequence each , enjoying a greater freedom of action , is rendered more efficient for circumstance connected with it with that freedom and candor which a regard for the public ent will acquire new force and a greater freedom of action within its proper sphere . § Other
Partie : "1825-1829", Nombre de contextes : 5
the ordinary lot of humanity secured the freedom and happiness of this people . We now receive erhaps inseparable from the enjoyment of freedom , but which have more than once appeared ainst the abuse of power consists in the freedom , the purity , and the frequency of popular ordination to the civil power ; that the freedom of the press and of religious opinion should f our own ; to cherish the principles of freedom and of equal rights wherever they were proclaimed
Partie : "1829-1837", Nombre de contextes : 1
ederal Government into conflict with the freedom of elections , and the counteraction of
Partie : "1841-1841", Nombre de contextes : 6
ode of appointment more independence and freedom from such influences might be expected . luence it might exert in controlling the freedom of the elective franchise . If such could ence of the Executive in controlling the freedom of the elective franchise through the medium rived from the mother country that " the freedom of the press is the great bulwark of civil upon the people as the genuine spirit of freedom , and , like the false Christs whose coming d us by the gifts of civil and religious freedom , who watched over and prospered the labors
Partie : "1845-1849", Nombre de contextes : 6
mmon interest with us in maintaining the freedom of the seas , the country which , by the are directly dependent on the safety and freedom of our commerce . The occupation of the e , attracted by the civil and religious freedom we enjoy and by our happy condition , annually nd guarded us in our infant struggle for freedom and has constantly watched over our surprising untry , which have been the offspring of freedom , and not of power . § This most admirable s between church and state , and perfect freedom of opinion is guaranteed to all sects and
Partie : "1850-1853", Nombre de contextes : 6
ressed everywhere in their struggles for freedom , our principles forbid us from taking any blic sentiment and repress the spirit of freedom in any country . § The Governments of Great d their sacred honor " to maintain their freedom , could never have been actuated by so unworthy that revolutions do not always establish freedom . Our own free institutions were not the nstitutions under which we live , to the freedom which every man feels to engage in any useful lusive pretense of extending the area of freedom . These reprehensible aggressions but retard
Partie : "1853-1857", Nombre de contextes : 17
try , and with it of the human race , in freedom , in prosperity , and in happiness . The re is no condemnation which the voice of freedom will not pronounce upon us should we prove dissensions to paralyze the great arm of freedom , uplifted for the vindication of self - pact adapts itself with healthy ease and freedom to an unlimited extension of that benign alized its determination to maintain the freedom of the seas and of the great natural channels k , while resisting our assertion of the freedom of the Baltic Sound and Belts , has indicated other cases of navigation and commercial freedom , as well as that of access to the Baltic e drop of blood shed in civil war . With freedom and concert of action , it has enabled us opinion or action resulting from popular freedom , has distinguished and characterized the not the consequence , in Kansas , of the freedom of self - government conceded to that Territory ubstantially upon popular election . The freedom of elections is liable to be impaired by n due season any such incidents of civil freedom is to suppose them to have ceased to be interpose in elections , to see to their freedom , to canvass their votes , or to pass upon in the provision it made for reciprocal freedom of trade between the United States and the therto circumscribed the limits of human freedom and planted their standard , where it has ting encouragement and potent appeal for freedom will be its own history - - its trials and to our sympathies in the cause of human freedom and universal advancement . But the vast
Partie : "1857-1861", Nombre de contextes : 4
and inspired them with vague notions of freedom . Hence a sense of security no longer exists e which has ever been dedicated to human freedom since the world began ? It has been consecrated catastrophe the hopes of the friends of freedom throughout the world would be destroyed tablishment of religion or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or of the right
Partie : "1865-1869", Nombre de contextes : 7
erty , and the pursuit of happiness , to freedom of conscience , to the culture and exercise he individual citizen in the interest of freedom . § States , with proper limitations of inhabitants whom the war has called into freedom have engaged my most serious consideration ork so long as a doubt remains about his freedom of choice in his pursuits and the certainty o have brought 4 , 000 , 000 people into freedom . The career of free industry must be fairly our Government is that of equal laws and freedom of industry . Wherever monopoly attains justify . No favored class should demand freedom from assessment , and the taxes should be
Partie : "1869-1877", Nombre de contextes : 2
le and abuse , with no aspirations after freedom , commanding no sympathies in generous breasts to better secure the civil rights which freedom should secure , but has not effectually
Partie : "1881-1881", Nombre de contextes : 6
nder this Constitution the boundaries of freedom have been enlarged , the foundations of s opened to each one of them a career of freedom and usefulness . It has given new inspiration egro citizens are practically denied the freedom of the ballot . In so far as the truth of ion that can be offered for opposing the freedom of the ballot . Bad local government is ght to be prevented ; but to violate the freedom and sanctities of the suffrage is more than nstitution guarantees absolute religious freedom . Congress is prohibited from making any
Partie : "1881-1885", Nombre de contextes : 1
ast year has been notable for its entire freedom from Indian outbreaks . § In defiance of
Partie : "1885-1889", Nombre de contextes : 5
t the Government . § Thus the rights and freedom of our citizens are outraged and public s effects , not enough regarded , is the freedom it brings to the political action of those about the closer relations which greater freedom of communication would tend to establish sings , of a government rounded upon the freedom of the people . The time rather admonishes cheaper means of living in their homes , freedom for themselves and their children from the
Partie : "1889-1893", Nombre de contextes : 4
riticism . I speak of these matters with freedom because the credit of this good work is higher thought appear of maintaining the freedom and purity of the ballot and the equality ncipation must be added to the political freedom which had been so bravely won . The commercial d provision was wisely made for it . The freedom of the ballot is a condition of our national
Partie : "1893-1897", Nombre de contextes : 4
t fail to be dangerous to the rights and freedom of the citizen and an irresistible temptation ruggling for larger autonomy and greater freedom , deepened , as such sympathy naturally ecting the good government and religious freedom of the non - Mussulman subjects of the Sultan Of course such a lack of supervision and freedom from wholesome disciplinary restraints must
Partie : "1897-1901", Nombre de contextes : 16
the United States , had been given their freedom . § For the relief of our own citizens suffering of Jolo shall have the right to purchase freedom by paying to the master the usual market ed islands will enjoy a prosperity and a freedom which they have never before known . Already pen and filled with children . Religious freedom is sacredly assured and enjoyed . The courts , as we tope , the dawn of a new day of freedom and progress , will have been the beginning nment which shall establish and maintain freedom and order and peace in the Philippines . ich have been made to it proclaim larger freedom and more extended citizenship . Popular ed and that law and order and individual freedom shall be maintained . § All legislative of law and the maintenance of individual freedom , and of which they have , unfortunately hat no law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech or of the press , or the rights property and life , civil and religious freedom , and wise , firm , and unselfish guidance xalted mankind and advanced the cause of freedom throughout the world , and immeasurably em . The American people , intrenched in freedom at home , take their love for it with them asion by the hand and make the bounds of freedom wider yet . " If there are those among us hed on and on , and its step has exalted freedom and humanity . We are undergoing the same security for life , property , liberty , freedom of conscience , and the pursuit of happiness
Partie : "1901-1909", Nombre de contextes : 15
ce such utter lack of supervision , such freedom from the restraints of law , that excellent ernmental control would do away with the freedom of individual initiative and dwarf individual started it shall run smoothly , and with freedom from flagrant denial of right on the one modern war . No academic theory about " freedom of contract " or " constitutional liberty the great and holy names of liberty and freedom to permit them to be invoked in such a cause is no limitation upon property rights or freedom of contract to require that when men receive ss , and our great experiment in popular freedom and self - government a gloomy failure . e , that evils restrictive of commercial freedom and entailing restraint upon national commerce of obedience to the law , of individual freedom , and of justice and fair dealing toward ules of obedience to law , of individual freedom , and of justice and fair dealing towards of the territory to respect our right to freedom of transit across it , and binds us in return ut both should be shunned . The right of freedom and the responsibility for the exercise reat poets has well and finely said that freedom is not a gift that tarries long in the hands ere else , which desires to maintain its freedom , its independence , must ultimately realize vil and religious liberty and of orderly freedom , a people among whom even the worst crime
Partie : "1909-1913", Nombre de contextes : 13
f the Emancipation Proclamation granting freedom to the negroes . It seems fitting that this e made , not only during their period of freedom , but also from the time of their coming t nation resident in the United States , freedom from violence and due process of law in anal who is impressed with the wonderful freedom from tropical diseases on the Isthmus must d in the management of the bureau entire freedom from narrow prejudice in this regard . § dependent on good service , and by their freedom from the necessity for political activity stablished and to preserve the benefit , freedom , and spur of reasonable competition without e paralyzed and the spirit of commercial freedom will be dead . § PART II . ( On Foreign urbances in that country . The marvelous freedom from the ordinary camp diseases of typhoid which assures in the clerk ' s conduct a freedom from overcharges and carelessness . The e to secure reasonableness in prices and freedom and independence in trade . § REFORM OF however , and to secure at the same time freedom from alarm on the part of those pursuing . The thirteenth amendment secured them freedom ; the fourteenth amendment due process of
Partie : "1913-1921", Nombre de contextes : 15
we do , then , to push this great war of freedom and justice to its righteous conclusion w their fresh strength into the ranks of freedom in time to turn the whole tide and sweep next few months may pass with the utmost freedom and with the least possible delay from each such times as they can command a little freedom and can seek the physical development they riendship of states , and the unhampered freedom of all with whom we deal . Let there be rue and disinterested enthusiasm for the freedom of the Americas and the unmolested Selfgovernment ffense to the pride of the peoples whose freedom of action we sought to protect , and without and good will and economic and political freedom . § The plans for the armed forces of the own security and to make sure of entire freedom to play the impartial role in this hemisphere generous naturalization laws to the full freedom and opportunity of America , who have poured development ; from the organization and freedom and vitality of our economic life . The ; the bill which seeks to extend greater freedom of combination to those engaged in promoting of undoubted law for it which will give freedom without permitting unregulated license . mankind - - fair dealing , justice , the freedom to live and to be at ease against organized aim to a certain minimum of right and of freedom of action . We stand firm in armed neutrality
Partie : "1921-1923", Nombre de contextes : 6
hoollng whatever . Remembering tile wide freedom of our public schools with compulsory attendance e to ourselves , an inspiring example of freedom and civilization to all mankind . Let us cise of our national sovereignty . Since freedom impelled , and independence inspired , and of representative democracy , where our freedom never has made offensive warfare , never ts of the earth shall have established a freedom like our own and shall have sanctioned the consecration . Ours is a constitutional freedom where the popular will is the law supreme
Partie : "1923-1929", Nombre de contextes : 19
wn hands the jurisdiction over their own freedom and the ownership of their own property trol if regional consolidations and more freedom in the formation of marketing associations those who seek to apply it . An enlarged freedom can only be secured by the application of . The property of the country , like the freedom of the country , belongs to the people of be made in freight rates as will promote freedom of movement of agricultural products . Railroad olicy that does not provide for absolute freedom on the part of the wage earners and do not e is in this country , and granting more freedom for the migration of the North American ons between management and wage earner , freedom from industrial strife , and the highest d States sees no reason to limit its own freedom and independence of action by joining it hould always be pursued with the largest freedom of choice by students and parents , nevertheless of peace and prosperity , attended with freedom and justice and made more and more satisfying d contemplate commitments opposed to the freedom of action we desire to maintain unimpaired On them has been erected a Government of freedom and equality , of justice and mercy , of constitution . Under the eternal urge of freedom we became an independent Nation . A little . A little less than 50 years later that freedom and independence were reasserted in the he golden slope to the Pacific . We made freedom a birthright . We extended our domain over l these experiences we have enlarged our freedom , we have strengthened our independence termination , and their independence and freedom continued and supported by having the ownership uperior intelligence , are not promoting freedom and independence , are not following the
Partie : "1929-1933", Nombre de contextes : 13
DEFENSE § To preserve internal order and freedom from encroachment is the first purpose of dual or to the group ; ordered liberty ; freedom from domination ; open opportunity and equality rosperity and the lessening of poverty ; freedom of public opinion ; education ; advancement on has had unusual peace in industry and freedom from the public disorder which has characterized nsibilities , he is surrendering his own freedom and his own liberty . It is the duty of ntal of preserving the very basis of our freedom . § Many vital changes and movements of . There has been a far larger degree of freedom from industrial conflict than hitherto known ve reached a higher degree of individual freedom than ever before . The devotion to and concern itious justice is the first safeguard of freedom , the basis of all ordered liberty , the s the very base of equal opportunity and freedom from domination for all our people , and ses are repugnant to our ideals of human freedom . Our form of government is ill adapted hich are characterized by aspirations of freedom of opportunity and thereby are the negation d the further lessening of poverty ; the freedom of public opinion ; the sustaining of education
Partie : "1933-1945", Nombre de contextes : 52
throughout the world ; wherever men love freedom , the hope and purpose of the people are to preserve their independence and their freedom . They must now join together to make secure ther to make secure the independence and freedom of all peace - loving states , so that never rld . § We support the greatest possible freedom of trade and commerce . § We Americans have . § We Americans have always believed in freedom of opportunity , and equality of opportunity hall succeed . And we must succeed . For freedom and peace cannot exist without security independence , or world disarmament , or freedom of expression , or freedom of religion - armament , or freedom of expression , or freedom of religion - or even good business . § e bought at the cost of other people ' s freedom . § In the recent national election there are vitally concerned in your defense of freedom . We are putting forth our energies , our ssential human freedoms . § The first is freedom of speech and expressioneverywhere in the verywhere in the world . § The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own everywhere in the world . § The third is freedom from wantwhich , translated into world terms verywhere in the world . § The fourth is freedom from fearwhich , translated into world terms of free men and women ; and its faith in freedom under the guidance of God . Freedom means Japanese imperialism ; and will live in freedom , security , and independence . § Powerful ow that victory for us means victory for freedom . They know that victory for us means victory e objective of establishing and securing freedom of speech , freedom of religion , freedom lishing and securing freedom of speech , freedom of religion , freedom from want , and freedom reedom of speech , freedom of religion , freedom from want , and freedom from fear everywhere om of religion , freedom from want , and freedom from fear everywhere in the world . § We which is in peril ; speed will save our freedom and our civilizationand slowness has never uction of all his black designs upon the freedom and safety of the people of the world . hat we may have to pay a heavy price for freedom . We will pay this price with a will . Whatever ampions of tolerance , and decency , and freedom , and faith . ( DOCTITLE : 4 State of the reedoms . The blessings of two of them - freedom of speech and freedom of religionare an s of two of them - freedom of speech and freedom of religionare an essential part of the ess , because it is wholly possible that freedom from wantthe right of employment , the right and , finally , striving for the fourth freedom - freedom from fear . § It is of little ally , striving for the fourth freedom - freedom from fear . § It is of little account for e done . The American people and all the freedom - loving peoples of this earth are now demanding ward a better life . All our allies want freedom to develop their lands and resources , to tion , large and small , demand that all freedom - loving Nations shall join together in eedom from fear is eternally linked with freedom from want . § There are people who burrow e press , free worship , trial by jury , freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures ization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and and small , to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by is accepted as well . The man who seeks freedom from such responsibility in the name of plement and support each other . § Where freedom of religion has been attacked , the attack entration camps and without a scratch on freedom of speech , freedom of the press or the without a scratch on freedom of speech , freedom of the press or the rest of the Bill of able to say what we please . The cost of freedom of religion . The cost of seeing our capital fty million people to preserve peace and freedom in this Hemisphere , are displaying a unanimity overnments if they could be allowed full freedom and full access to the processes of democratic ance , against autocracy and in favor of freedom of expression , equality before the law e the surging wave of the futureand that freedom is an ebbing tide . But we Americans know e Bill of Rights remains inviolate . The freedom of elections is wholly maintained . Prophets o sought here , early and late , to find freedom more freely . § The democratic aspiration t a new lifea life that should be new in freedom . § Its vitality was written into our own we fail to hear or heed these voices of freedom because to us the privilege of our freedom eedom because to us the privilege of our freedom is such an old , old story . § The destiny ms with which to strike mighty blows for freedom and truth . He has given to our country
Partie : "1945-1953", Nombre de contextes : 84
tion . We must assure small business the freedom and opportunity to grow and prosper . To ontinues to increase in the enjoyment of freedom within its borders , and to offer strength and encouragement to all those who love freedom throughout the world . § During the past rengthening the foundations of peace and freedom , abroad and at home . § We have taken important ions , and our firm belief in individual freedom . § Our surest guide in the days that lie throw our weight on the side of greater freedom and a better life for all peoples . These sential now than ever , if the ideals of freedom and representative government are to prevail e rising demand of people everywhere for freedom and a better life may be corrupted and betrayed n country in following the principles of freedom . Over the last 50 years , the ideals of more , and we live better . § Increasing freedom from poverty and drudgery has given a fuller nd a still wider enjoyment of democratic freedom . § No one , of course , can foretell the ining is not only a fundamental economic freedom for labor . It is also a strengthening and s which we profess , and the heritage of freedom which we have received from the past , clearly es who strive to win or defend their own freedom and national independence . § Indeed , the rt , the results would be fatal to human freedom . § Our own national security is deeply e leadership in meeting the challenge to freedom and in helping to protect the rights of in the future and reason to defend their freedom . They will mean increased production of ar East which are trying to defend their freedom . Soviet communism is trying to make these ace . § Our country has always stood for freedom for the peoples of Asia . Long , long ago Asia . Long , long ago it stood for the freedom of the peoples of Asia . Our history shows r democratic ideals . We must uphold the freedom of speech and the freedom of conscience ust uphold the freedom of speech and the freedom of conscience in our land . We must assure e go forward this year in the defense of freedom , let us keep dearly before us the nature ssess . But more precious than peace are freedom and justice . We will fight , if fight we l fight , if fight we must , to keep our freedom and to prevent justice from being destroyed urselves . This is our cause - - peace , freedom , justice . We will pursue this cause with eace at any price , but a peace based on freedom and justice . We are now in the midst of , and improved the chances for peace and freedom in many parts of the world . § This year our side are all the great resources of freedom - - the ideals of religion and democracy unist aggression had to be met firmly if freedom was to be preserved in the world . We went ust continue to strengthen the forces of freedom throughout the world . § I hope the Senate pends upon the health , the morale , the freedom of our people . We can take on the burden § As we build our strength to defend the freedom in the world , we ourselves must extend we ourselves must extend the benefits of freedom more widely among all our own people . We ith that spirit they won their fight for freedom . § We must have that same faith and vision tion to live up to the promises of equal freedom for us all . § There was another question y that leads most surely to security and freedom and justice in the world for us and all uggle as old as recorded history ; it is freedom versus tyranny . § For the dominant idea to picture themselves as the friends of freedom and advancement - - surely one of the most le determined to act in defense of their freedom has often spelled the difference between ic capacity to back it . There can be no freedom where there is economic chaos or social t , and demonstrating the superiority of freedom over communism . There will be no quick elp these countries grow and flourish in freedom and in cooperation with the rest of the they watch and wait . § If we value our freedom and our way of life and want to see them eaching their people with its message of freedom . § The masters of the Kremlin live in fear ations and of the forces that fought for freedom under their flags . The plain fact is that can build a lasting peace , with greater freedom and security for mankind in our country vious occasions is a charter of economic freedom which seeks to assure that all who will believe that all nations should have the freedom of the seas and equal rights to the navigation the world , and to the establishment of freedom from fear and freedom from want . § 11 . e establishment of freedom from fear and freedom from want . § 11 . We shall continue to . We shall continue to strive to promote freedom of expression and freedom of religion throughout ive to promote freedom of expression and freedom of religion throughout the peace - loving arrangements of the type which destroyed freedom of trade during the 1930 ' s . I consider rise must be given the greatest possible freedom to continue the expansion of economy . § orld , then the faith of our citizens in freedom and democracy will be spread over the whole shness , and brotherhood upon which true freedom and opportunity must rest . § As we examine our free democracy . Our deep belief in freedom and justice was reinforced in the crucible eep concern for human rights . Religious freedom , free speech , and freedom of thought are . Religious freedom , free speech , and freedom of thought are cherished realities in our nsecurity . In this Nation the ideals of freedom and equality can be given specific meaning hieve world peace based on principles of freedom and justice and the equality of all nations rld . § We have learned that the loss of freedom in any area of the world means a loss of in any area of the world means a loss of freedom to ourselves - - that the loss of independence tate is clearly no less important to the freedom - loving peoples of the world than the future ons is designed to make possible lasting freedom and independence for all its members . We ons , guarantees of individual liberty , freedom of speech and religion , and freedom from y , freedom of speech and religion , and freedom from political oppression . § The second nd independent nations to maintain their freedom , the United States will be giving effect oring peoples striving to maintain their freedom and independence . § Should we fail to aid War II . This is an investment in world freedom and world peace . § The assistance that We believe that all men have a right to freedom of thought and expression . We believe that false philosophy which purports to offer freedom , security , and greater opportunity to ing the rights of the individual and his freedom in the exercise of those abilities of his ffort to restore peace , stability , and freedom to the world . § We have sought no territory coming years , our program for peace and freedom will emphasize four major courses of action rld trade . § Third , we will strengthen freedom - loving nations against the dangers of the achievement of peace , plenty , and freedom . § With the cooperation of business , private ns that will lead eventually to personal freedom and happiness for all mankind . § If we We are aided by all who wish to live in freedom from fear - - even by those who live today enjoy . § We are aided by all who desire freedom of speech , freedom of religion , and freedom ed by all who desire freedom of speech , freedom of religion , and freedom to live their om of speech , freedom of religion , and freedom to live their own lives for useful ends ill advance toward a world where man ' s freedom is secure . § To that end we will devote
Partie : "1953-1961", Nombre de contextes : 121
ividuals , joined in a common hunger for freedom , men and women and even children pit their dow a world transformed by the spirit of freedom . This is no faint and pious hope . The to redress the failure . By that process freedom will step by step disappear . No subject roved themselves dependable defenders of freedom . Isolation from them invites war . Our n , no reasonable man will deny that the freedom and prosperity and security of Western Europe in their independence . Should they lose freedom and be dominated by an aggressor , the world ure world order in which opportunity for freedom and justice will be more widespread , and e advanced aircraft . § We must maintain freedom of the seas . This means nuclear submarines munist imperialism , the entire house of freedom would be in danger of collapse . § As for rovided a basis in principle for greater freedom of communication and exchange of people ict from spreading , and so compromising freedom . In support of these objectives we maintain ent to protect the forward boundaries of freedom . § Constantly we seek new ways to make urity and remain true to our heritage of freedom if we clearly visualize the tasks ahead sages to the Congress requesting greater freedom for our farmers to manage their own farms rs to manage their own farms and greater freedom for markets to reflect the wishes of producers ndent nations , in which the concepts of freedom , justice and human dignity can flourish other nations that want to defend their freedom but cannot fully do so from their own means nts have been bolstered and the bonds of freedom have been more closely knit . Our friends rlin against any effort to destroy their freedom . In the meantime we shall constantly seek of us know that to advance the cause of freedom we must do much more than help build sound America is best described by one word , freedom . § If we hope to strengthen freedom in d , freedom . § If we hope to strengthen freedom in the world we must be ever mindful of s . § In other areas of human rights - - freedom from discrimination in voting , in public ving steadily toward the goal of greater freedom under law , for our own people , we shall better prepared to work for the cause of freedom under law throughout the world . § All peoples march in the noblest of causes - - human freedom . § If we make ourselves worthy of America e or subversion . § This concern for the freedom of other peoples is the intellectual and have a great stake in the progress , in freedom , of the uncommitted and newly emerging , those who proclaim their hostility to freedom . § Their natural desire for a better life ters they cannot effectively progress in freedom . § Respecting their need , one of the major ealize , of course , that development in freedom by the newly emerging nations , is no mere een world disaster and world progress in freedom . § Other countries , some of which I visited iastic enrollment of these nations under freedom ' s banner . No more startling contrast for a world order based upon security , freedom and peace . Otherwise , the outlook could individual . We must be ever alert that freedom does not wither through the careless amassing nt can cause serious strains on the firm freedom supports of our society . § I refer to agriculture pluses more manageable , provide greater freedom in farm operations , and steadily achieve compel its subjects to subordinate their freedom of action and spirit and personal desires . § But in our scale of values we place freedom first - - our whole national existence and ' s record of material accomplishment in freedom is written not only in the unparalleled ve been long viewed as a fountainhead of freedom . § By our every action we must strive to on of seemingly minor encroachments upon freedom gradually could break down the entire fabric anity shall one day achieve the unity in freedom to which all men have aspired from the dawn third of the people of the world have no freedom , do not govern themselves . The world recognizes eoples are one - - peace with justice in freedom . Peace can only be attained collectively rked to advance national aspirations for freedom , a divisive force has been at work to divert se of strengthening the cause of peace , freedom , and international understanding . So rewarding ly bring permanent peace with justice in freedom to all mankind . The continuing need of ; Army units , guarding the frontiers of freedom in Europe and the Far East , are in the ations who have the will to defend their freedom , but insufficient means , should be vigorously nd protecting the dignity , rights , and freedom of all Americans . § GOVERNMENT FINANCE s the continuing Communist threat to the freedom of Berlin , an explosive situation in Laos y , so that its productivity may fortify freedom everywhere ; and § Dedication to the well e must be a coherent global policy . The freedom we cherish and defend in Europe and in the in the Americas is no different from the freedom that is imperiled in Asia . § ( 3 ) Our nd bitter sacrifices to hold the line of freedom . § But the problem of security demands ocracy has developed in an atmosphere of freedom . The character of our people resists artificial - some up , some down . But a maximum of freedom in market prices as well as in collective ntroversy . The very meaning of economic freedom as it affects labor has become confused cing a bureaucratic despotism . Economic freedom is , in fact , the requisite of greater llective bargaining are monuments to the freedom that must prevail in our industrial life very citizen . To be true to one ' s own freedom is , in essence , to honor and respect the , in essence , to honor and respect the freedom of all others . § A cardinal ideal in this eople who come to share our land and our freedom . § It is well for us , however , to remind ts and be faithful to our basic ideas of freedom and fairness to all . § In another but related arly the new application of old ideas of freedom . § This administration is profoundly aware n of the tasks before us . § The hope of freedom itself depends , in real measure , upon r neighbor next door . We must know that freedom expresses itself with equal eloquence in home , a middle way between untrammeled freedom of the individual and the demands for the ewarded and prosperity is shared ; where freedom expands and peace is secure - - that is been won by the forces of stability and freedom . Slowly but surely , the free world gathers broad purposes : First , to protect the freedom of our people ; second , to maintain a strong poses . § I . FOREIGN AFFAIRS § American freedom is threatened so long as the world Communist More closely than ever before , American freedom is interlocked with the freedom of other American freedom is interlocked with the freedom of other people . In the unity of the free e who , like ourselves , retain the most freedom and strength . § We shall , therefore , efore , continue to advance the cause of freedom on foreign fronts . § In the Far East , essor if they are needed to preserve our freedom . Our defense will be stronger if , under overnment : Along with the protection of freedom , the maintenance of a strong and growing oreover , it will promote the individual freedom , responsibility , and initiative which PROBLEMS § Along with the protection of freedom and maintenance of a strong and growing It is our duty then to ourselves and to freedom itself to remain strong in all those ways pirit , which is the true source of that freedom we value above all material things . § But ment : § First , to maintain justice and freedom among ourselves and to champion them for purposes of government is our support of freedom , justice and peace . § It is of the utmost nuing peace and for the ultimate rule of freedom and justice in the world . Free nations a milestone in the development of human freedom and self - government in the Pacific area other nations for the well - being , the freedom , the dignity , of every human on earth military threat is but one menace to our freedom and security . We must not only deter aggression d economic vitality , and their faith in freedom . In such a world , America ' s course is al observation . Our quest for peace and freedom necessarily presumes that we who hold positions nd spiritual foundations of this land of freedom and of free nations throughout the world f our time . § Our efforts to defend our freedom and to secure a just peace are , of course ent must not impair the self - respect , freedom and incentive of the individual . So long atiently , prayerfully , for peace , for freedom , for justice , throughout the world ; To lict between international communism and freedom has taken on a new complexion . § We know in the firm assurance that the fruits of freedom are more attractive and desirable to mankind to nations struggling to maintain their freedom against the threat of Communist coercion he past made America a living promise of freedom for all mankind . § To accomplish these purposes and impair or destroy the very freedom and economic system our military defenses eral aid should in no way jeopardize the freedom of local school systems . There will be ? Are we nearing the light - - a day of freedom and of peace for all mankind ? Or are the uilty of the one capital offense against freedom , a lack of stanch faith . § In pleading and immensely productive can help defend freedom in our world , we view our Nation ' s strength eeds and capacities of proven friends of freedom , we shall strive to help them to achieve nd just burdens in the common defense of freedom . § 6 . Recognizing economic health as an ritage . § 8 . Conceiving the defense of freedom , like freedom itself , to be one and indivisible Conceiving the defense of freedom , like freedom itself , to be one and indivisible , we istory does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid . We must acquire he guarding of every resource that makes freedom possible - - from the sanctity of our families ered upon an historic struggle for a new freedom : freedom from grinding poverty . Across an historic struggle for a new freedom : freedom from grinding poverty . Across all continents ty force : the readiness of men who love freedom to pledge their lives to that love . Through e , knowing that peace is the climate of freedom . And now , as in no other age , we seek h we speak , comprehending the values of freedom , affirms the equality of all nations , lf alone . The unity of all who dwell in freedom is their only sure defense . The economic he courage of millions elsewhere seeking freedom , equality , opportunity . And the American e nations which , now captive , long for freedom . We seek neither their military alliance s must be , they join again the ranks of freedom . § We honor , no less in this divided world s in their demands for more intellectual freedom , greater security before their own laws uty and our destiny . § May the light of freedom , coming to all darkened lands , flame brightly
Partie : "1961-1963", Nombre de contextes : 32
a , and , indeed , in all of the world - freedom for the people and independence for the never forget our hopes for the ultimate freedom and welfare of the Eastern European peoples sts with our adversaries , the forces of freedom are sharply divided . It is one of the ironies man and Nation who shares our hopes for freedom and the future . And in the final analysis d by history to be either an observer of freedom ' s failure or the cause of its success oth stability and growth in a climate of freedom . § Our first line of defense against inflation em , so long as it does not threaten the freedom of others . Some may choose forms and ways nd the way of the past shows dearly that freedom , not coercion , is the wave of the future ions , and to strengthen their stand for freedom , have also made progress . A newly unified le ; and , by helping people , they help freedom . The views of their governments may sometimes rlin , our free access thereto , and the freedom of two million West Berliners would not ding partnership with vast resources for freedom . § If , on the other hand , we hang back the role of being the great defender of freedom in its hour of maximum danger . This is ady to seize the burden and the glory of freedom . § And in this high endeavor , may God not for long lead the cause of peace and freedom , if we ever cease to set the pace here - - they provide the very foundation for freedom ' s survival and success , § IV . § Turning e scientific and military superiority of freedom . We have doubled our efforts in space , And we have maintained the frontiers of freedom from Viet - Nam to West Berlin . § But complacency rival . For the road to world peace and freedom is still long , and there are burdens which and the United States . For the unity of freedom has never relied on uniformity of opinion of people who live on the front lines of freedom . § I am especially proud that this country ready to help them build new bulwarks of freedom . We are not purchasing votes for the cold s serving their country and the cause of freedom in overseas posts , a record no other people builds a wall to keep its people in and freedom out - - and the wall of shame dividing Berlin e we shall never weary in the defense of freedom , neither shall we ever abandon the pursuit memorable days in the cause of peace and freedom . We are proud , for example , of Major t our back , and with the tides of human freedom in our favor . We steer our ship with hope a victory of party but a celebration of freedom - - symbolizing an end as well as a beginning ind them strongly supporting their own ' freedom - and to remember that , in the past , those have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger . I do not ou , but what together we can do for the freedom of man . § Finally , whether you are citizens le flag of conquest , but by a banner of freedom and peace . We have vowed that we shall
Partie : "1963-1969", Nombre de contextes : 32
colonies first joined together to demand freedom from arbitrary power . § For the first century ople that is unmatched in the history of freedom . § And so tonight , now , in 1965 , we n and troubled world . § Let the foes of freedom take no comfort from this . For in concert nations , we shall help men defend their freedom . § Our first aim remains the safety and n ' s policy in the 1960 ' s . § Our own freedom and growth have never been the final goal rstandings that can lessen the danger to freedom . § Last fall I asked the American people ace . § What is at stake is the cause of freedom and in that cause America will never be , in our interest and in the interest of freedom . § I found this truth confirmed in my talks to dominate others but to strengthen the freedom of all people . § I will seek new ways to obedience . § We seek peace . § We seek freedom . § We seek to enrich the life of man . at Society . Ahead now is a summit where freedom from the wants of the body can help fulfill rtitude to make the journey . § And like freedom itself , it will always be challenge and he United States - - the welfare and the freedom of the people of the United States . But Greece and Turkey , and we defended the freedom of Berlin . § In this pursuit we have helped land China . § History is on the side of freedom and is on the side of societies shaped from fruits of its labor for the love of its freedom . § How many times - - in my lifetime and all the effort that the security and the freedom of this Nation required . § And they do o reaffirm this Nation ' s allegiance to freedom . § As President Abraham Lincoln said , er tonight who doubts that the course of freedom was not changed for the better because of hose who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must , like men , undergo the fatigues of - That we renew and extend the food for freedom program . § Our food programs have already less afraid of diversity and individual freedom . § The quest for peace tonight continues at time : that America cares about their freedom , and it also cares about America ' s own than ever before to defend the cause of freedom , whether it is threatened by outright aggression e - - a world of peace and justice , and freedom and abundance , for our time and for all ing point in man ' s unending search for freedom . So it was at Lexington and Concord . So others . It says that he shall share in freedom , he shall choose his leaders , educate e dead who gave their lives for American freedom . § THE RIGHT TO VOTE Our fathers believed ericans are struggling for the fruits of freedom . § This is one Nation . What happens in ether now in this cause to vindicate the freedom of all Americans . For all of us owe this reat , and mighty . And we have kept our freedom . But we have no promise from God that our p : that democracy rests on faith , that freedom asks more than it gives , and the judgment
Partie : "1969-1974", Nombre de contextes : 29
; we can restore order without weakening freedom . § THE CHALLENGES WE FACE § These first is less waste , more results and greater freedom for the individual American to earn a rightful nities not only more money but also more freedom to balance their own transportation needs k it . It has always been used to defend freedom , never to destroy it . The world ' s peace l about . § What it is all about is more freedom , more security , a better life for each sume the major burden for the defense of freedom in the world . § In two wars , first in e men to help other nations defend their freedom . § Today the great industrial nations of d many of the nations who acquired their freedom from colonialism after World War II in Asia person can breathe freely and breathe in freedom . § Our recognition of the truth that wealth our future , but the future of peace and freedom in this world in the last third of the century d prepared to meet . § Our commitment to freedom remains strong and unshakable . But others r their share of the burden of defending freedom around the world . And so this , then , generously of itself toward maintaining freedom , preserving peace , alleviating human suffering to keep it ; never been used to destroy freedom , only to defend it . We now have within eneration and on the future of peace and freedom in America and in the world . § Let us all e people of those countries defend their freedom against Communist aggression . § Before ying to assist another nation defend its freedom , U . S . policy should be to help them shield if a nuclear power threatens the freedom of a nation allied with us or of a nation erican foreign policy . § The defense of freedom is everybody ' s business - - not just America y the responsibility of the people whose freedom is threatened . In the previous administration become strong enough to defend their own freedom . I have chosen this second course . It world has for the survival of peace and freedom will be determined by whether the American and allowed the last hopes for peace and freedom of millions of people to be suffocated by e its continued growth . § We have given freedom new reach . We have begun to make its promise the times we live in . § The essence of freedom is that each of us shares in the shaping § Unless we in America work to preserve freedom , there will be no freedom . § But let us k to preserve freedom , there will be no freedom . § But let us clearly understand the new hall do our share in defending peace and freedom in the world . But we shall expect others ur system has produced and provided more freedom and more abundance , more widely shared
Partie : "1974-1977", Nombre de contextes : 8
d to share the good life fairly and with freedom . One union holds out the promise of justice a balance that favors greater individual freedom and self - reliance . § We must strike a e that favors greater responsibility and freedom for the leaders of our State and local governments rity in a world that is still hostile to freedom . § And in all that we do , we must be more essary condition of a healthy economy is freedom from the petty tyranny of massive government er , stronger , and with more individual freedom . We can see forward only dimly - - 1 year ital commitments in defense of peace and freedom . § I am proud that the United States has rior naval and marine forces to maintain freedom of the seas , strong multipurpose tactical
Partie : "1977-1981", Nombre de contextes : 19
n international order that has protected freedom from aggression . § We live in such times been significant movement toward greater freedom and humanity in several parts of the world and united America still be a force for freedom and prosperity around the world ? § Tonight ght , as throughout our own generation , freedom and peace in the world depend on the state haracter . § Peacea peace that preserves freedom - remains America ' s first goal . In the firmly believe the critical path to full freedom and equality for America ' s minorities new legislation gives the railroads the freedom they need to rebuild a strong , efficient e barriers to financial institutions and freedom to offer services to and attract the savings g for economic development and political freedom , is not a world hostile to the ideals and asic objective - which remains peace and freedom for all mankind . Rather , the need for for achieving our own goals of peace and freedom . Moreover , our policies are carefully al of fundamental American principles of freedom with specific foreign policy actions , we l adversaries ; by our efforts to expand freedom elsewhere , we render our own freedom , nd freedom elsewhere , we render our own freedom , and our own nation , more secure . Countries n satisfy the continuing human reach for freedom and justice : § 1980 has been a year of th was a milestone in the long quest for freedom . But the bold and brilliant dream which And we know that the best way to enhance freedom in other lands is to demonstrate here that r basic human rights . § The passion for freedom is on the rise . Tapping this new spirit can never be indifferent to the fate of freedom elsewhere . Our moral sense dictates a clear
Partie : "1981-1989", Nombre de contextes : 108
that we hold dear . We believe faith and freedom must be our guiding stars , for they show ate our economy by giving people greater freedom and incentives to take risks and letting itizens working than ever before . § New freedom in our lives has planted the rich seeds proudly stand watch on the frontiers of freedom ; § For an America of compassion that opens , for all who know in their hearts that freedom is the one true path to peace and human d our shores the golden promise of human freedom in a world of peace . § Let us begin by ision ; it needs new challenge , greater freedom . And that word " freedom " is the key to enge , greater freedom . And that word " freedom " is the key to the second American revolution ment can help create a new atmosphere of freedom . But States and localities , many of which op spreading bondage and start spreading freedom . § There are some who say that growth initiatives ng in things that are pricelesspeace and freedom . § Third , we must reduce or eliminate our rediscovery of the values of faith , freedom , family , work , and neighborhood . § We ons , but in the growth and expansion of freedom and self - government . " § And tonight ity flourish today . It is in homes that freedom built . Victories against poverty are greatest at ensure free press , free speech , and freedom to worship , vote , and create wealth . . § Our mission is to nourish and defend freedom and democracy , and to communicate these we can . America ' s economic success is freedom ' s success ; it can be repeated a hundred ot innocent ; nor can we be passive when freedom is under siege . Without resources , diplomacy tacking neighboring states . Support for freedom fighters is self - defense and totally consistent reatening to crush the very roots of our freedom . What brought America back ? The American nd women of vision and courage . Tonight freedom is on the march . The United States is the our schools , vouchers that give parents freedom of choice ; and we must give back to our or peace . We know that peace follows in freedom ' s path and conflicts erupt when the will the world . We strengthen the family of freedom every time we work with allies and come to those beaten for daring to fight for freedom and democracyfor their right to worship say to you tonight : You are not alone , freedom fighters . America will support with moral your right not just to fight and die for freedom but to fight and win freedomto win freedom eedom but to fight and win freedomto win freedom in Afghanistan , in Angola , in Cambodia words and deeds put wind in the sails of freedom . However , we must always remember that tant , America is at peace tonight , and freedom is on the march . And we ' ve done much tainly it was not wrong to try to secure freedom for our citizens held in barbaric captivity hat could further the cause of peace and freedom in the world . Much is at stake here , and night that there is no surer way to lose freedom than to lose our resolve . Today the brave In Central America , too , the cause of freedom is being tested . And our resolve is being no free press in Nicaragua . Nicaraguan freedom fighters have never asked us to wage their em to death , defeat , or a life without freedom . There must be no Soviet beachhead in Central erican greatness . The responsibility of freedom presses us towards higher knowledge and ual standards . Excellence is what makes freedom ring . And isn ' t that what we do best n into their constitution provisions for freedom of speech and freedom of assembly . Well ion provisions for freedom of speech and freedom of assembly . Well , if this is true , why amily , of religion , and of the love of freedom that God places in each of us and whose Seven years ago , America was weak , and freedom everywhere was under siege . Today America make that prosperity , that peace , that freedom not just the state of our Union but the our goals of world prosperity and world freedom . We must protect that peace and deter war the flowering of American prosperity and freedom . § One other thing we Americans likethe ar arms , and to extend the frontiers of freedom and the growth of democratic institutions ates can make to the world is to promote freedom as the key to economic growth . A creative we see in so many places toward economic freedom is indivisible from the worldwide movement the worldwide movement toward political freedom and against totalitarian rule . This global is turning , and the cause of Nicaraguan freedom is riding at its crest . Because of the is riding at its crest . Because of the freedom fighters , who are resisting Communist rule . On Wednesday my request to sustain the freedom fighters will be submitted , which reflects h reflects our mutual desire for peace , freedom , and democracy in Nicaragua . I ask Congress ence . § So , too , in Afghanistan , the freedom fighters are the key to peace . We support nistanyes , everywhere we see a swelling freedom tide across the world : freedom fighters swelling freedom tide across the world : freedom fighters rising up in Cambodia and Angola hold sacred . Their cause is our cause : freedom . § Yet even as we work to expand world . § Yet even as we work to expand world freedom , we must build a safer peace and reduce mic advance and the aspiration for human freedom , it is the free nations that are resilient artisan consensus for the cause of world freedom , a consensus that prevents a paralysis ospects for the cause of peace and world freedom . § It means , too , that the young Americans dy spoke of the burden and glory that is freedom . § When I visited this Chamber last year eserve this last and greatest bastion of freedom . " ' § The economy will face difficult ll make this economy a mighty engine of freedom , hope , and prosperity again . § Now , s for economic development and political freedom . I believe lasting friendships were made ise their voices , to speak and pray for freedom . § Meanwhile , we ' re working for reduction o keep the peace . We will also keep our freedom . § We have made pledges of a new frankness t we can pursue prosperity and peace and freedom while maintaining our commitment to the ociety : free elections , a free press , freedom of religious choice , free trade unions ce , free trade unions , and above all , freedom for the individual and rejection of the y unite us in a stewardship of peace and freedom with our allies and friends in NATO , in a comprehensive strategy for peace with freedom . In London last year , I announced the vidual initiative and guarantee personal freedom . § But our strategy for peace with freedom edom . § But our strategy for peace with freedom must also be based on strengtheconomic strength ecome great and rich because of economic freedom , America must be an unrelenting advocate to deter threats to peace and to protect freedom if deterrence fails . Our Armed Forces are for what we did here in these temples of freedom , we will work together to make America ther we had the will to defend peace and freedom . But America is too great for small dreams , both at home and abroad . Let us give freedom a chance . § Americans were ready to make teered to man the ramparts in defense of freedom and whose dedication , valor , and skill etter life . The tide of the future is a freedom tide , and our struggle for democracy cannot forward again , time for America to take freedom ' s next step . Let us unite tonight behind lions from tyranny to the safe harbor of freedom , progress , and hope . § Doing these things en peace , build prosperity , and expand freedom for all who share our goals . § Just as , faith , work , family , neighborhood , freedom , and peace are not just words ; they ' leading you in prayer , then why can ' t freedom to acknowledge God be enjoyed again by children ors . We have always struggled to defend freedom and democracy . § We have no territorial ion free . You inspire us as a force for freedom , not for despotism ; and , yes , for peace ge , we can perform great deeds and take freedom ' s next step . And we will . We will carry eserve this last and greatest bastion of freedom . § In this present crisis , government ther place on Earth . The price for this freedom at times has been high , but we have never world . We will again be the exemplar of freedom and a beacon of hope for those who do not on of hope for those who do not now have freedom . § To those neighbors and allies who share those neighbors and allies who share our freedom , we will strengthen our historic ties and s not for sale . § As for the enemies of freedom , those who are potential adversaries , of the price that has been paid for our freedom . § Each one of those markers is a monument rength toward the ultimate in individual freedom , consistent with an orderly society . § il every American enjoys the fullness of freedom , dignity , and opportunity as our birthright ness and into the warm sunlight of human freedom . § My fellow citizens , our nation is poised he American Revolution was reborn , when freedom gained new life , and America reached for it we must , so help me God . § From new freedom will spring new opportunities for growth that peace does not come , nor will our freedom be preserved , by good will alone . There ho scorn our vision of human dignity and freedom . One nation , the Soviet Union , has conducted in the world has grown fourfold . Human freedom is on the march , and nowhere more so than ity and progress . § America must remain freedom ' s staunchest friend , for freedom is our main freedom ' s staunchest friend , for freedom is our best ally and it is the world ' s ession and war . Every victory for human freedom will be a victory for world peace . § So le under God , dedicated to the dream of freedom that He has placed in the human heart ,
Partie : "1989-1993", Nombre de contextes : 36
§ I believe in giving Americans greater freedom and greater choice . And I will work for efore in this century have our values of freedom , democracy , and economic opportunity been round the globe , we must continue to be freedom ' s best friend . And we must stand firm ey inevitably will choose a free press , freedom of worship , and certifiably free and fair g is a high one : to be the defenders of freedom and the guarantors of liberty . And I want hape of nations , the pace of progress , freedom or oppression for millions of people around d the Polish Government . § A year ago , freedom ' s playwright , Vaclav Havel , languished ingle , shining principle : the cause of freedom . § America , not just the nation but an ds at the center of a widening circle of freedom - - today , tomorrow , and into the next ' ' § It ' s no secret that here at home freedom ' s door opened long ago . The cornerstones , to take the lead in forging peace and freedom ' s best hope : a great and growing commonwealth Americas , North and South , to live in freedom . In the Far East and Africa , it ' s time ope . § The anchor in our world today is freedom , holding us steady in times of change , a symbol of hope to all the world . And freedom is at the very heart of the idea that is al , because they are the very future of freedom . And to them belongs this new world I ' d abroad , of sacrifices freely made for freedom ' s sake . And tell them your own story enturies , we ' ve done the hard work of freedom . And tonight , we lead the world in facing ions of mankind - - peace and security , freedom , and the rule of law . Such is a world America and the continuing struggle for freedom elsewhere all around the world all confirm ved the world as an inspiring example of freedom and democracy . For generations , America ue responsibility to do the hard work of freedom . And when we do , freedom works . § The hard work of freedom . And when we do , freedom works . § The conviction and courage we nity of conscience . Do the hard work of freedom . And that will define the state of our power to chart their own destiny and the freedom and opportunity provided by strong economic rotect another fundamental civil right : freedom from crime and the fear that stalks our ted , more committed to the hard work of freedom than every soldier and sailor , every marine ngth that has made America the beacon of freedom in a searching world . § This nation has derstand the burden and the blessings of freedom . Let them say we stood where duty required f change are with us now . The forces of freedom are together , united . We move toward the o what must be done - - the hard work of freedom . § May God bless the United States of America , all the ones who fought faithfully for freedom , who hit the ground and sucked the dust , I will continue to lead in support of freedom everywhere , not out of arrogance , not ze is blowing , and a world refreshed by freedom seems reborn . For in man ' s heart , if e is blowing , and a nation refreshed by freedom stands ready to push on . There is new ground ing toward democracy through the door to freedom . Men and women of the world move toward . For democracy belongs to us all , and freedom is like a beautiful kite that can go higher
Partie : "1993-2001", Nombre de contextes : 35
he world ' s strongest force for peace , freedom , and prosperity ; and above all , action ding trade , we can advance the cause of freedom and democracy around the world . There is , a steady stream of people in search of freedom and opportunity have left their own lands portunity , deepening the meaning of our freedom , forging a more perfect Union . § We shaped hare our burdens . In this new era , our freedom and independence are actually enriched , lues . We all cherish family and faith , freedom and responsibility . We all want our children rvice , we can unite a diverse people in freedom and mutual respect . We are many ; we must portunity , to deepen the meaning of our freedom , to form that more perfect Union . Let officers who gave their lives to defend freedom ' s house . § Mr . Speaker , at your swearing the more the world will bring change and freedom to China . § Last spring , with some of ose on parole : If you want to keep your freedom , you must stay free of drugs . § I ask st be to bring together the world around freedom and democracy and peace and to oppose those t it can buy stability at the expense of freedom . § But think how much has changed in the in defending human rights and religious freedom . And we should be proud of the men and de , expanded aid , and the expansion of freedom . § This is interesting : From Nigeria to t we can lead the world toward peace and freedom in an era of globalization . § I want to ration of Americans has kept the fire of freedom burning brightly , lighting those frontiers ic moment , as communism has fallen , as freedom is spreading around the world , as a global ple who are sick ; and most of all , the freedom to choose a plan and the right to choose men who put their lives on the line for freedom , I told them that the security of their rippling our society , limiting personal freedom , and fraying the ties that bind us . § st century still the strongest force for freedom and democracy in the entire world . I was peace , and we are a force for peace and freedom throughout the world . We have almost 6 continued world leadership for peace and freedom and democracy . We still can ' t be strong ad off another threat to Kuwait , giving freedom and democracy back to the people of Haiti oudly supported peace and prosperity and freedom from South Africa to Northern Ireland , worldwide success , and we support your freedom of expression . But you do have a responsibility aved his life . He gained a foothold for freedom , and at the age of 17 , just a year older America ' s leadership in the fight for freedom and peace throughout the world . Because elp them seek the blessings of peace and freedom . But as the cold war fades into memory ies in a world warmed by the sunshine of freedom but threatened still by ancient hatreds ime robs law - abiding citizens of their freedom ; and when millions of poor children cannot continent who are building democracy and freedom . Their cause is America ' s cause . § The d . § We will stand mighty for peace and freedom and maintain a strong defense against terror eople , with America ' s bright flame of freedom spreading throughout all the world . § From
Partie : "2001-present", Nombre de contextes : 78
edoms we enjoy - and chief among them is freedom from fear . § In the three and a half years hatred with hope , is the force of human freedom . Our enemies know this , and that is why : America will stand with the allies of freedom to support democratic movements in the Middle ple and their neighbors , the advance of freedom will lead to peace . That advance has great ian territories are showing the power of freedom to break old patterns of violence and failure while we encourage a higher standard of freedom . Hopeful reform is already taking hold support for terror and open the door to freedom . Today , Iran remains the world ' s primary eapons while depriving its people of the freedom they seek and deserve . We are working with enerational commitment to the advance of freedom , especially in the Middle East , is now e them here at home . And the victory of freedom in Iraq will strengthen a new ally in the is are determined to fight for their own freedom , and to write their own history . As Prime and unchanging . We are standing for the freedom of our Iraqi friends , and freedom in Iraq r the freedom of our Iraqi friends , and freedom in Iraq will make America safer for generations ry good men and women , who died for our freedom , and whose memory this nation will honor tlemen , with grateful hearts , we honor freedom ' s defenders , and our military families of purpose that unite us . The attack on freedom in our world has reaffirmed our confidence r world has reaffirmed our confidence in freedom ' s power to change the world . We are all great venture : To extend the promise of freedom in our country , to renew the values that r liberty , and to spread the peace that freedom brings . § As Franklin Roosevelt once reminded yet we know where it leads : It leads to freedom . § Thank you , and may God bless America to be a force for good and a champion of freedom . We will work for free markets , free trade work for free markets , free trade , and freedom from oppression . Nations making progress ression . Nations making progress toward freedom will find America is their friend . We will ca is the worlds best hope for peace and freedom . Yet the cause of freedom rests on more for peace and freedom . Yet the cause of freedom rests on more than our ability to defend de brings greater political and personal freedom . Each of the previous five Presidents has Michael and all who gave their lives for freedom . § Our cause is just , and it continues , so long as nations harbor terrorists , freedom is at risk . And America and our allies repress the Iranian people ' s hope for freedom . § Iraq continues to flaunt its hostility esponsibility and our privilege to fight freedom ' s fight . § Our first priority must always o decades - - because while the price of freedom and security is high , it is never too high es of terror cannot stop the momentum of freedom . § The last time I spoke here , I expressed g . We affirm it again today . We choose freedom and the dignity of every life . § Steadfast urpose , we now press on . We have known freedom ' s price . We have shown freedom ' s power known freedom ' s price . We have shown freedom ' s power . And in this great conflict , lict , my fellow Americans , we will see freedom ' s victory . ( DOCTITLE : Address Before action is necessary , I will defend the freedom and security of the American people . § es supports their aspirations to live in freedom . § On the Korean Peninsula , an oppressive food and medicines and supplies - - and freedom . § Many challenges , abroad and at home ricans are a free people , who know that freedom is the right of every person and the future racy takes hold in Iraq , the enemies of freedom will do all in their power to spread violence fail , and the Iraqi people will live in freedom . § Month by month , Iraqis are assuming n only to the killers . For all who love freedom and peace , the world without Saddam Hussein goal for the greater Middle East , where freedom is rare . Yet it is mistaken , and condescending ted in every heart the desire to live in freedom . And even when that desire is crushed by merica is pursuing a forward strategy of freedom in the greater Middle East . We will challenge is great Republic will lead the cause of freedom . § In these last three years , adversity e cause of all mankind . The momentum of freedom in our world is unmistakable - and it is half century , America defended our own freedom by standing watch on distant borders . After olerant , and that is the force of human freedom . We are led , by events and common sense r peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world . America ' s vital interests find their own voice , attain their own freedom , and make their own way . The great objective able , and we will use it confidently in freedom ' s cause . My most solemn duty is to protect oppression , which is always wrong , and freedom , which is eternally right . America will e long run , there is no justice without freedom , and there can be no human rights without cades defined by the swiftest advance of freedom ever seen , is an odd time for doubt . Americans of our ideals . Eventually , the call of freedom comes to every mind and every soul . We s Abraham Lincoln did : " Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves among free nations is a primary goal of freedom ' s enemies . The concerted effort of free n , tens of millions have achieved their freedom . And as hope kindles hope , millions more gress , and one day this untamed fire of freedom will reach the darkest corners of our world t home - the unfinished work of American freedom . In a world moving toward liberty , we ise of liberty . In America ' s ideal of freedom , citizens find the dignity and security e will give our fellow Americans greater freedom from want and fear , and make our society just and equal . In America ' s ideal of freedom , the public interest depends on private , and forever . In America ' s ideal of freedom , the exercise of rights is ennobled by , because we cannot carry the message of freedom and the baggage of bigotry at the same time Did our generation advance the cause of freedom ? And did our character bring credit to are bound to one another in the cause of freedom . We have known divisions , which must be unity and fellowship of our nation when freedom came under attack , and our response came te confidence in the eventual triumph of freedom . Not because history runs on the wheels as He wills . We have confidence because freedom is the permanent hope of mankind , the hunger greatest achievements in the history of freedom . ( DOCTITLE : Inaugural Address ) § President holding society that became a servant of freedom , the story of a power that went into the the last century , America ' s faith in freedom and democracy was a rock in a raging sea f our country does not lead the cause of freedom , it will not be led . If we do not turn , shaping a balance of power that favors freedom . We will defend our allies and our interests s of decency which give direction to our freedom . § Sometimes in life we are called to do